Polaris is an upcycling enterprise inspired by street art and skateboarding lifestyle. The creator behind the brand curates Berlin’s best trash to craft unique caps and bags.

  • UX/UI
  • Web design


VS code


Kotte Días
E. Favaro


Having navigation and design patterns already solved by Shopify’s presets, the challenges here were:

  • how to categorize in small groups a large group of unique handmade items
  • how to get the users involved and encourage them to find the item that matches their personal preferences
  • create a product-focused shop that can still reflect the brand’s mission, its creative freedom and skateboarding tricks.


Keeping in mind different user flows to reach the purchase, design decisions were taken mainly for the home page and the collection gallery.

Home page structure:

  • menu where the user can select between hats, bags and custom orders
  • slider section for brand communication and imagery, with half-animated .gif to show skate clips
  • newest products section with an “add to cart” button for immediate purchase
  • collection section to show products being used
  • footer with additional legal pages and contact info

Inside the galleries the use of filters allows to group items by colour, style and pattern guiding the user to find an item that suits their personal preferences best. Filters will only be shown when there is an available product with that caracterteristic.