Miniwebsite that presents a random story every time you open it.

  • UX/UI
  • Development


VS Code


E. Favaro (Dev)
Me (UX/UI)

UX Challenges

Create an interface that guides the user to navigate randomly between stories, with minimal, unobtrusive and intuitive navigation.

A hybrid analysis of the reading instances on other short story websites as well as interfaces of services such as Instapaper or Kindle reading was carried out.

In a first release the stories will be from one writer, but in the next stage it will be allowed to submit stories. The development of the panel, besides being a challenge from the development point of view, is also a challenge for the UX: how to understand with the least possible elements that you can send your own production? a form in the same one-page? a popup?

Mapping the workflow.

UX Solutions

Navigation and interaction through emojis: go to the next story, switch between light and dark mode, send your story.

Below the text there is a button to share a permalink to the story.

This project is under construction.